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Did you decide to move to Calgary? This beautiful city in the province of Alberta could offer a good life, so be proud of your next step. At this place you can find jobs in different areas – administrative, social work, driving, maintenance, delivery, communication, government and many more. Find out more about those opportunities.
At the very beginning, you might want to go for driving jobs in Calgary. You can be a taxi driver, bus driver, truck driver or delivery driver. If you choose truck as your future vehicle, have in mind that you will transport goods and materials, perform preventative maintenance on vehicles, meet delivery schedules and plan routes and comply with truck driving rules. You must also document kilometers spent driving, collect and verify delivery instructions and report all accidents. Truck drivers should be flexible for unexpected situations and have knowledge about truck driving rules. Good hand-eye coordination and good vision are essential, of course. Excellent map-reading skills and punctuality are important, too. Of course, you will need to have valid driver’s license for Alberta. Sometimes, drives must be able to drive different sorts of vehicles. Driver must be able to keep the vehicle safe and clean and recognize all kinds of mechanical and electrical faults.

If you opt for a job of taxi driver, remember that this position includes picking up and delivering customers, taking the fastest and safest route and calculating the fare rate for each drive. Have in mind that this job can be stressful because of the traffic and very lonely as well.

Security jobs in Calgary are also very good option for the beginning. This position includes preventing theft and violation, preserving order, authorizing entrance and departure of employers or visitors, operating detecting devices, etc. Security guard have to inspect the buildings and equipment, permit entry, maintains organization’s stability and reputation, report signs of damage or unlawful entry and obtain help by sounding alarms. He or she also must protect company’s property, check purses, pockets and bags for suspicious items, prevent passage of prohibited articles, apprehend criminals and evict violators, watch alarm systems and video cameras, etc. Security guard has to be professional with integrity and high school diploma. He or she need to have knowledge about security procedures and public safety. Security guards are often employed in hospitals, schools, shopping centers, banks, etc.

Being an electrician might be a good idea for you as well. There are often three groups of electricians – installation, maintenance and production electricians. An average electrician must install and maintain electrical and electronic equipment, apparatus, wiring, appliances and fixtures.
This position includes inspecting electrical systems for defects and hazards, preventing breakdown of systems, connecting wires to transformers, breakers and other components, maintaining current electrician’s license and following state and local building regulations. Electricians usually work alone, but sometimes they collaborate with other workers. High school diploma is usually enough for this position. Electrician has to have troubleshooting and business skills just as problem-solving ability. Customer-serving and critical thinking skills are also needed. These employees must have analytical and mathematical mind and be adaptable, careful, precise and practical.

Lawyer jobs in Calgary are what are you interested in? It is good to know that lawyers have to give general legal advice, research evidence, attend court hearings, analyze legal documents and supervise legal assistants. Lawyers often draw up contracts and other legal documents, talk with clients about legal transactions, settle disputes and explain the law. This position also includes presenting and summarizing cases to juries and judges, interpreting laws and regulations for individuals or businesses. Lawyers can specialize at international law, bankruptcy, corporate or environmental law. They often work in private and corporate legal offices, but many of them work for government. Lawyer jobs are for those who can stay calm under pressure, are confident and good at negotiating and have an eye for detail.

Construction jobs – choose them if you want to be construction worker, manager or estimator. Construction worker has to unload and carry materials, smooth and level new concrete, use equipment to break old forms, assist machine operators in construction projects, etc. They also must break up scaffolding, prepare and apply construction materials to build structures, assist in installing plumbing, electricity, heating and cooling systems and clean out site from debris. These employees have to have strength and endurance, good eye to hand coordination and balance, ability to work in team and knowledge about basic construction principles and methods. Construction worker often work on highway construction, tunnel excavation, residential construction, commercial projects, demolitions, etc.

Construction managers
work close with architects and engineers. They determine labor and materials, hire workers and subcontractors, gather permits, make timetables for the project and schedule workers on site. Construction managers also oversee and allocate resources and make sure everything is up to code. They need to be good at decision making, time management and communication. Also, they must have analytical, management and technical skills.

Construction estimators usually prepare detailed cost estimates, visit sites to gather important information, perform risk analyses, select advantageous deals, select metrics to produce valid estimates, prepare detailed reports and foster relationships with key vendors. They also consult experts to collect all necessary data and acquire understanding of the requirements of the project at hand. This kind of construction jobs requires analytical mindset, familiarity with financial principles, basic understanding of project management concepts, attention to detail, understanding of research methodology and great communication abilities. He or she is expected to interact with clients, architects and engineers, Construction estimator has to be well organized, reliable and comfortable with technology and numbers. Bachelor’s degree in construction science, engineering or relevant field is required for this career.

Maintenance jobs could be found in Calgary
, too. If you think that you would be good maintenance worker, check if you have physical stamina, ability to read technical manuals and drawing, experience using hand and electrical tools and interpersonal skills. These people are responsible for repair work in buildings, offices, schools, apartment complexes and government agencies. You don’t need more education than high-school diploma for this position. Maintenance workers usually check control panels and electrical wiring to identify issues, check functionality of safety systems, install appliances and equipment, inspect and troubleshoot equipment and systems and collaborate with other professionals.
Job of a maintenance technician is pretty similar. It often includes performing maintenance of electrical systems, repairing or replacing small parts, testing and making adjustments, surveying buildings and repair mechanical systems, assisting in the setup of ventilation, refrigeration and other systems. Maintenance technicians also inspect alarm systems and schedule repairs when needed, perform manual repairs and assist in budget preparation. Basic understanding of electrical, hydraulic and other systems is required, just as knowledge of general maintenance processes and methods. These workers also need to have good physical condition, strength and problem-solving skills.

Do you love maintenance and think you deserve higher position? There is a job of maintenance engineer, too. Maintenance engineer has to carry out routine scheduled maintenance work, respond to equipment faults, fit new parts and make sure equipment is working correctly, liaise with client departments and control maintenance tools. He or she must supervise engineering and technical staff, ensure compliance with safety and health legislation and manage stocks of supplies. This position also includes designing maintenance strategies, procedures and methods, diagnosing breakdown problems, arranging specialist procurement of fixtures, dealing with emergencies, working with specialist equipment, etc. Maintenance engineers need to have business skills, ability to lead and motivate others, good diagnostic and problem-solving skills and the capacity to understand a wide range of engineering functions. People management and team working skills are also required for this position.

Communication might be the perfect area for your education and skills. Follow your passion and check for these communication positions in Calgary. Communication specialist is one of them. This one includes managing internal communication, organizing initiatives, planning various events and press conferences, collaborating with marketing professionals and liaising with media. Communication specialist also has to draft content for mass media or company’s website, foster relationships with key person and advocates and assist in communication of strategies from senior leaderships. It is not easy to be communication specialist. This requires knowledge about copywriting, editing, web design, content production, etc.
Communication specialist has to have Bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations or related field.

Job of a communication engineer might be the best fit for you? You maybe already know that interpersonal, organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills will be required. What are communication engineer’s duties? Agreeing project’s budgets, timescales and specifications with clients and managers, producing, testing and implementing designs, making presentations, undertaking relevant research and providing technical support are among them. Communication engineer also must create test procedures, write reports and documentations, attend conferences, ensure that objectives and deadlines are met and interpret data.

Financial analyst, data analyst, business analyst, systems analyst, investment analyst - all of them are among analyst jobs in Calgary. This city offers even those job opportunities. If you choose to be data analyst, have in mind that you will develop and implement databases, identify and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets, work with management to prioritize business needs and acquire data from primary or secondary data sources. Usually, data analysts interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques, locate and define new process improvement opportunities and filter data by reviewing computer reports. What about skills a data analyst needs? Of course, for this job you need to have knowledge about statistics, reporting packages, programming, data mining, segmentation techniques and database design development. He or she has to have strong analytical skills and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Management, Economics, Mathematics or related field.

Investment analysts usually work in life insurance companies, pension funds, large corporations, banks or charitable organizations. They need to analyze financial information, monitor the financial news, make recommendations to fund managers, keep up to date with market developments, write research reports and ensure that all compliance regulations are met. Investment analysts also should consider how the economic implications of factors as weather or natural disasters affect the performance of companies.

Payroll specialist, clerk or manager – does it seem interesting to you? Position of payroll clerk includes collecting, calculating and entering data, preparing reports, providing payroll information, solving payroll discrepancies, protecting payroll operations and updating payroll records. Payroll clerk has to have general math skills, attention to detail, data entry skills and knowledge about financial software. He or she also must be good at organization and verbal communication.

Calgary offers all of these career paths. You can check government, legal, human resources, warehouse jobs and admin jobs here as well. The city is full of opportunities and you can find all of them on This targeted employment website is made to make your job search in Calgary a lot easier. How? It provides great filters, so you can search by job titles, companies or categories. Banking, healthcare, manufacturing or sales are among numerous areas you can see on this website. You may add your resume here and apply to jobs with it. Check this site on daily basis and you will always find fresh content and new opportunities to build your future in Calgary. Seek for a perfect employer in this part of Canada and apply in a second. You can search literary everything on this website by using keywords – it is easy and transparent. is useful for employers also as they can post job requirements here. There is even a text with few facts about Calgary so you can learn more about this city before you visit it. Feel free to use this site’s tips for getting the job you want. Want to improve your education? There is a list of schools and courses you can get in Calgary and increase your salary. All these facts make this place a lot better than other similar employment sites as it becomes an ultimate guide for all people who want to live and work in Calgary.